Digital recruitment

Machine-based candidate sourcing and screening and the effect on talent research, HR processes, and job seekers.

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11. august 2022
København K




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What is the event about?

The automated data-driven move towards screening resumes is considered as the way forward in corporate recruitment processes nowadays. TALNTCAST is a great example of this. However, from the corporate perspective IT based candidate sourcing can pose some challenges. Is there a risk that the actual experience and employee’s value starts to matter less than the words we describe it with?

Also, do automated systems make it possible to maintain diversity, equality, and inclusion in recruitment processes?

We will look at technology in talent search from three perspectives: technology provider, recruiter and the candidate.

  • How can technology answer recruitment needs?
  • Do automated systems make it possible to maintain Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion?
  • Is there a risk that experience and employee’s value matter less than the words they are describing it with?
  • How can CV *outsmart* the computer?

The event is organised together with PWN Copenhagen.


  • At 17.30

    Check in
  • At 18.00

    Presentation, discussion and Q&A.

    There will be a break during the event.

  • At 20.00

    Event ends
  • Who are the speakers?

    Leslea Petersen

    Leslea Petersen
    Director, CEO, English Job Denmark

    Leslea is providing tailored job search assistance to professionals in Denmark. She is an expert in job search, CV/cover letter writing and training people to communicate their brand & Increase visibility to hiring managers. She is passionate about coaching professionals & businesses in effective communication.
    Simon Z. Kaczmarek

    Simon Z. Kaczmarek
    Co-founder and CEO of company TALNTCAST.IO

    Simon is a co-founder and CEO of a company TALNTCAST.IO. The company is specialising in  candidate sourcing, screening and assessment tool. It aims to attract relevant active and passive jobseekers, makes hiring process easier and faster. Simon will talk about the role of technology in recruitment, from a perspective of software developer/ company offering software services.
    Mikkel Pedersen

    Mikkel Pedersen
    Talent Acquisition and HR Tech Lead, Friday Group

    Mikkel is passionate about the intersection between HR and Technology, and how tech can enable businesses and their people to work smarter, not harder. As Talent Acquisition & HR Tech Lead at Friday Group, his responsibilities are two-fold; 1) leading the talent acquisition strategy and 2) building the foundation for a scalable people division utilizing tech and automation flows. As Friday Group plans to scale rapidly over the coming years, Mikkel is currently investigating and planning which role AI should play in HR to enable this growth in the most sustainable and efficient way as possible.
    Michael Falkner

    Michael Falkner
    Global HR Service Delivery Director at Ramboll

    Michael Falkner has throughout his career been hunting for the right match. He is today an experienced HR leader leader with an unusual background as Detective from the Copenhagen National Police and extensive recruiting experience. As Global HR Service Delivery Director Michael has the responsibility for HR services within Talent Acquisition, HR Operations, Shared Services, HRIS and Data & Analytics, Learning & Skills Development and global HR Transformation projects across business units and geographies.


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